14 June 2010

Someone who accompany us when we're down or happy.
They can be also our enemy at the end of time.
Its not easy to find someone who understand us well.
They act like they understand us but the truth is they NEVER understand us.
Friends come and go like rain.
They will be there when we need them or maybe they will not be there for you.

I never wanted a bff after what happen to my my life lately.
I will keep them in my memory and burn them.
Owh no thank you sir.
I learn enough of friendship.
I need friend but i don't need BEST friend.

Love is the sweetest words and some says it is the sweetest drug of all drug.
Everyone of us experience from the very first time we were born to see GOD creation called WORLD.
In our childhood day we were shower by LOVE from our parents.
As we grow up we need prefect love and keep on searching for it.
Many people say we will met the wrong one before we met our true love.

Love might also hurt us at the same time.
We as human may be not realize how we have been abuse by LOVE.
Despite from modern world now LOVE makes many people become blind.
As teenager i was caught up in different situation of LOVE.
Someone may LOVE you because of your LOOK.
Someone may LOVE you because of your MONEY.
Someone may LOVE you because of your LOVE.

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